About Us

ACTIVE GROUP INDIA PVT. LTD., an ISO 9100:2015 certified company established in 2012, strives to meet the needs for private securities in Indian Context.

Mission and Vision of Active group

Our Vision

To become a leading security and allied service provider at the National level with quality in people, training and services.

Our Mission

To provide effective, efficient and quality assured security service to all our valuable customers by using both proven and innovative methods.

Years Of Experience
+ Certified Trainer

Our Services

Our security services model is built on our broad range of specialist services, which enables us to manage risk, security & safety of our customers.

Industrial & Corporate Sectors

The power and legitimacy of the security department does not come from its expert knowledge, but from its business acumen, people skills, management ability and communication expertise.

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Residential Complexes

Security is one of the main reasons why most residents choose Apartment Living. We secure the residential complexes with our effective, ethical and innovative security service .

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Real Estates

Active Group has earned the respect of property managers throughout the Bangalore by handling the security needs of many of the Bangalore’s largest and most prestigious office buildings.

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Educational Institutions

We've been protecting a variety of educational learning institutions in Bangalore. Our experience enables us to handle the types of the security issues that are top of mind for college administrators.

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Financial Institutions

Protests, robberies and burglary pose a great risk to the security of the financial institution all over the world. Active Group has provided security services to many financial institution.

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Healthcare Facilities

We know the security needs of healthcare facilities. We have experience providing security for a variety of healthcare facilities from small, private medical offices to large complex private hospitals.

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Shopping Centres

Shopping centres demand security staff with a wide range of skills – from the sensitivity to deal with lost children to the ability to respond to and effectively address law enforcement incidents.

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Temporary Security Services

Active Group, a regional independently held contract security services company, has the resources and expertise necessary to provide your site or event with short-term security solutions.

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Meet Our Clients

We believe building relationship with our Clients, We care for them and provide best possible services.

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